A Favorable Description of the Corgi

Corgi DogThe corgi is a small breed of dog that was commonly bred to herd sheep and livestock. The Corgi originated in Wales, and there are two specific types of this dog. Both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi are very popular to have as pets. One of the most famous people who owns this great breed of dog is Queen Elizabeth II who has had them for many years. The name Corgi is believed to have originated from the Welsh word Cor ci meaning dwarf dog.

The main purpose behind the breeding of the Corgi dog was to have a dog that could herd the livestock successfully. They would nip at the animal’s heels encouraging them to move forward to their desired destination. Due to the fact that the Corgi was so low to the ground the dogs would very rarely be kicked by the agitated animals.  This type of dog is one of the very few that can be used to herd geese.

The Corgi is incredibly strong for its size as well as being agile and very fast.  Although they are no longer used to herd animals they are very protective over children. Corgi dogs are an extremely loyal breed that will protect their family no matter what the threat is. They are very strong willed and can be pig headed, however, if trained correctly this can be used to your benefit.  They are very affectionate dogs, and are rarely boisterous making them ideal for smaller children, and elderly people.

They can be quite a greedy little dog, so you have to watch what you feed them or they will become overweight.  Although there are two very similar types of corgi, there are distinctive differences between them. The Pembroke Corgi is smaller and sturdier being lower to the ground.  The Cardigan Corgi has a longer tail, and is a slightly larger breed of Corgi. Their bone structure is also different making them the longer of the pair.

The Cardigan Corgi is a double coated dog which has a dense, harsh outer layer of fur, and a softer lower level to keep it warm.  The corgi’s head on both types is very fox like, and will often have white markings on their muzzles.  Their ears are often pricked and stand proudly on their heads, enabling them to hear everything that is happening.  Both of the Corgi breeds are very healthy dogs that live for many years; and they have very few hereditary health problems.

If they are kept active with regular exercise and a good healthy diet they can live on average for 12-15 years.  Although they have small legs they will still need a good amount of exercise daily to keep them from getting bored and in active. They are very obedient dogs that are perfect for agility classes, and love to learn new tricks and skills. Their desire to learn is apparent with everything they are taught, and will become very obedient dogs to have around the home.


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